Product Manufacture

These photographs show senior artisans at work from one of our main suppliers.  They always produce the initial samples themselves to ensure the new designs work well and to demonstrate the required quality and placement of the Ari work (chain stitch).  The process is very social and each element of the production is carried out by family groups.  These family groups carry on with the traditional work of their forefathers alongside their role of caretakers of the land.


The process starts with the families who rear and look after the sheep and shear the wool. Another cooperative spins and dyes the wool. Alternative cooperatives are involved in the production of the heavy cotton backing for the cushion covers, rugs and runners.    The key stage is the Ari work and is perhaps the most creative, with artisans creating the patterns and designs in beautifully bright colours. Once the work is complete the product goes to the tailor who stitches the cotton backing to complete the rug or cushion cover. After this stage the product is washed, packed and ready to send to the UK.